FB16-20(C)PN Series

  • Electric Counterbalance
  • 4 Wheel Pneumatic Tyres
  • 1.6 - 2.0 tonnes

A worthy successor to the award-winning FBNT series of three wheel electrics, the FBPNT series adds all the advantages of AC power - and much more - to this successful formula.

Operation is smoother, quieter and even more controlled than ever. An advanced controller allows instant programming of this flexible truck to meet the needs of each driver and application. Meanwhile, great energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements - with a 500-hour service interval - mean operating costs are minimised.

Over 20 years of independent tests don’t lie. The single most important factor in increasing the productivity of a forklift truck is ‘driveability’. It results from a combination of characteristics that allow the operator to be at one with the machine. Almost without thinking. Entirely without surprises. Totally in control. This is what drives our designers... and now brings you EDIA EM - our latest series of 1.3 to 2.0 tonne, 48V, 3 and 4 wheel electric counterbalance forklift trucks.

Smooth, quiet and highly responsive electric steering, matched with user-friendly hydraulics, gives a sense of effortless control and makes operation a pleasure. Space, comfort, intuitively placed controls, easy access and clear views in all directions are built into the design. A host of safety features boost confidence still further – allowing your operator to focus entirely on delivering the goods.

Main features

  • Compact dimensions
  • Powerful AC drive motor
  • Powerful AC hydraulic motor
  • New generation control system
  • Performance setting
  • Integrated presence system
  • Ergonomic operator compartment
  • Full-suspension, fully adjustable seat
  • Long service interval 500 hours Rapid access features


Model Load Capacity
FB16CPN 1,600 kg
FB18PN 1,800 kg
FB20CPN 2,000 kg
FB20PN 2,000 kg

For more information on the FB16-20(C)PN Series please contact Eastern Forklift Trucks sales experts in Bury St Edmunds on 01284 725599 or Huntingdon 01480 272272.

Alternatively download the brochure for more detailed specifications.