PBPL12 Series

  • Pedestrian Power Pallet
  • AC Power
  • 1.2 - 1.2 tonnes
  • Electric

A true all-rounder, the PBPL12 electric hand pallet truck makes warehouse transfers efficient and convenient. Unlike conventional hand pallet trucks, it features a 48V lithium-ion power source: ensuring simple, yet effective, lifting and moving of loads. Ideal for short and mid-distance runs, it is a versatile, user-friendly solution which suits nearly every application.

Its compact design, low service weight and small turning radius make it the perfect choice for use in confined spaces, such as in retail, trailers, containers and small warehouses.

The PBPL12's functions include electrical driving and lifting, as well as manual lowering function. Easy to remove and exchange, its maintenance-free, high-capacity 48V lithium-ion battery offers 6 hours of use. The quick-charging battery takes just 3.5 hours to charge. Trucks are supplied with an external charger as standard - allowing for on-board charging. An external charging dock allows you to charge an extra battery while the truck is in use... for maximum productivity.

Main features

  • High quality, stable construction
  • Maintenance free brushless AC wheel hub motor
  • High performance body design
  • Parking break
  • Tapered fork tips
  • Ergonomic spring-loaded steering handle

For more information on the PBPL12 Series please contact Eastern Forklift Trucks sales experts in Bury St Edmunds on 01284 725599 or Huntingdon 01480 272272.

Alternatively download the brochure for more detailed specifications.


Model Load Capacity
PBPL12WPTP 550 X 1000 1,200 kg
PBPL12 IPTP 680 X 1000 1,200 kg
PBPL12 MPTP 550 X 1150 1,200 kg