Service & Support

"Service is Everything", so says Steve Arnold, Service Manager, and it's true. In a market where customers can choose between hundreds of manufacturers what makes the difference?

For us service is an attitude, a positive attitude. We understand a forklift is a tool, needed to do a job, it is up to us to ensure that tool is safe and available for use.

First off we employ 'engineers' as opposed to component exchangers, experienced well rounded individuals, strategically located to reduce travel. Secondly we pay a good salary & do not issue targets to extract unnecessary revenue from our customers. In our experience this damages the most the essential trust between the engineer and the customer.

Thirdly with over 30 years experience we know where to buy our parts, passing significant savings on to our customers on forks, tyres, oils and all items associated with your Forklift Truck. Eastern Forklift Trucks will Raise your standard of service and reduce your costs.