• Tow Truck
  • AC Power
  • 1.0 - 3.0 tonnes
  • Electric

The TBR30N tow truck offers a combination of pinpoint control, strength, and operator comfort in one ergonomic and economic unit. The leading edge Maxius steering wheel in conjunction with the steering, speed reduction and auto drive combines to provide an easy to use and maneuver unit regardless of speed.

The unit is developed for use indoors, and is extremely productive. The operator compartment is comfortable and spacious, allowing the operator to enter and exit from either side. It also has a non-slip platform that allows the unit to be moved only when the operator is in place. The unit can be programmed for speed and other parameters as required. Maximum drive speed is 12 km/h riding, and 2.5km/h when the unit is placed in walk beside mode.

Main features

  • Powerful AC drive means high drive speed (up to 12km/h)
  • Maxius steering wheel offers the ultimate in ergonomics
  • Single-handed steering
  • Walk-through cabin with low step height
  • Advanced electric steering
  • Automatic speed reduction
  • Suspended drive unit
  • Adjustable height couplings
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Robust construction


Model Load Capacity
TBR30N 3,000 kg

 For more information on the TBR30N Series please contact Eastern Forklift Trucks sales experts in Bury St Edmunds on 01284 725599 or Huntingdon 01480 272272.

Alternatively download the brochure for more detailed specifications.