FB14-20A(C)NT Series

  • Electric Counterbalance
  • 3 Wheel Pneumatic Tyres
  • 1.4 - 2.0 tonnes
  • Electric

Meet the EDiA EM. It’s the most intelligent truck on the market and one of the most durable. Packed with features, it delivers the manoeuvrability, power and reliability you expect from a Mitsubishi.

Designed and engineered to perform, these 48-volt three and four-wheel electrics work intuitively, tailoring their performance to your individual operator. EDiA EM’s sophisticated software analyses behaviour in real-time and automatically adjusts the truck’s behaviour for safe-but-productive performance.

What’s more, every EDiA EM has been developed to suit drivers of every size. The truck’s spacious footwell, for example, accommodates size 50+ EU shoes, for maximum comfort – even through the longest shift.

Main features

Main features

  • Compact dimensions
  • Powerful AC drive motor
  • Powerful AC hydraulic motor
  • New generation control system
  • Performance setting
  • Integrated presence system
  • Ergonomic operator compartment
  • Full-suspension, fully adjustable seat
  • Long service interval 500 hours Rapid access features


For more information on the FB14-20A(C)NT Series please contact Eastern Forklift Trucks sales experts in Bury St Edmunds on 01284 725599 or Huntingdon 01480 272272.

Alternatively download the brochure for more detailed specifications.


Model Load Capacity
FB14ANT 1,400 kg
FB16ACNT 1,600 kg
FB18ACNT 1,800 kg
FB16ANT 1,600 kg
FB18ANT 1,800 kg
FB20ANT 2,000 kg